Thursday, 31 January 2008

CLL welcomes new readers

A warm welcome to staff who are visiting this blog for the first time.
The blogs contains resources that offer support in a number of areas.
You can search by topic using the Labels on the bottom right of the page to select the relevant posts.

My hope is that other staff will post items here, as one of the key qualities of blogs is their use for networking. It involves little more than typing.
You can also comment on posts and enter into discussion or debate with other posters.

Blogs are being increasingly used by teachers as a resource with students. Teachers post resources to support classwork or revision and students can respond with questions or comment.
Other blogs feature work by students to which teachers and other students can offer comments and advice. One GCSE History student received a positive comment on his essay on 19th Century US History from a Native American who had discovered the work on Google. Language teachers are using blogs to encourage communication between students in different countries.

If you would like advice on how to set up a blog please contact me.

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