Saturday, 1 March 2008

YouTube for schools

I discovered this initiative in the SST Arts Newsletter:
Two teachers in Victoria, Australia have tapped into the popularity of sites such as YouTube and MySpace and developed a website that allows schools and students to upload digital audio visual content in a safe and secure environment.
Teachers start by registering the school and their details. Once these are approved by the administrator, the students can then upload a/v content into the teacher’s inbox for approval to be published.
The concept developed out of Thornbury High School’s Class TV, a community television show on Melbourne’s channel 31. Class TV is part of mainstream curriculum and runs as a middle school elective. The students have created over 110 weeks of television since September 2005. The show is ongoing and content is provided by over 30 schools across metropolitan Melbourne.
Class TV has official TV ratings of between 30,000 and 40,000 viewers weekly. The show provides an authentic learning opportunity for young people with a known audience. Rather than creating work in an abstract environment, as classes tend to do, the students have a real-world context and outcome.
Schools across the UK are welcome to participate and are invited to visit the site.

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