Sunday, 2 December 2007

blog potential

Missed your favourite programme on the TV or radio or want to experience it again?
No worries - you can find it on the web.
We are no longer tied to schedules and listings - we can find information when it suits us - so could it be the same for our lessons?
A blog has the potential to share information with students at a time to suit them (and you) and allows them to respond with questions and observations.
Check out this blog by Doug Belshaw,a History teacher based in Yorkshire, as an example of what can be done.
He also has another blog aimed at teachers which addresses some of the issues and potential in and around the use of new technologies in schools - although he is currently taking a break from frequent posts there.

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Doug Belshaw said...

Hi Peter,

Glad you found my blogs useful! Your readers might be interested in another blog of mine for educational technology advice: :-)